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So Flo Well Body is Your Unique Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutrition, Health & Wellness Coach. Virtually and In-Person

We do more than just Personal Training & Nutrition at So Flo Well Body.

We practice a concept called ``bio-individuality`` which basically means that every ``body`` is different and there is no one size fits all.

Whether your goals are weight loss, lean muscle gain, flexibility, sports specific training or simply staying healthy, we can support and guide you to reaching your goals.
In short, we customize your program to fit your customized needs and lifestyle. We set attainable goals that are realistic and attainable.

So Flo Well Body offers Private and Small Group Fitness Training, Holistic Health & Nutrition Coaching, Wellness Education and Mindfulness Practices.

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Personal Fitness Training & Facilitated Myofascial Stretch

We all need something different because every ``body`` is different. We look at your unique needs. to customize a personalized. Exercise plan just for you. Let's start today making long-lasting, life-changing progress.

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Holistic Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching

Figuring out our personal Nutrition needs can be daunting with constant new information circulating and trendy fad diets. At So Flo Well Body we make nutrition easy and sustainable for life-long health and weight management.

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7+7 REBOOT - A Whole Food Nutrition Plan

Reset, REBOOT, and Revive your metabolism to maximize caloric expenditure with our Holistic 14 day program with 24/7 support. It's NOT a Diet but a way to of eating as a Lifestyle. Only $149.00 to change your body forever.

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Corporate Wellness Programs & Coaching

Maintaining positive company culture is more important than ever. Give your team the resources for self care and to be as happy and successful as possible.

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It is our mission to keep our clients well-informed with the latest and greatest in Fitness, Holistic Health, Nutrition and Wellness wellness.

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    Latest News

    Stay in the zone during the in-between sessions. Check back to our blog for posts on delicious and healthy recipes, quick and easy at home exercises, and for things wellness.

    Kind Words From Our Clients

    Susan unravels your weaknesses and develops a program to improve your overall fitness. She listens to you, but most of all listens to your body and your goals. Highly recommend that you get in there to Saldare with Susan, I guarantee your butt will look better.

    Rob M

    The 7+7 Reboot Program was just what I needed to kick start a new way of eating and shaving off those last pounds since having my two kids. The two weeks was a process moving from a true detox in the first week into a more moderate way of eating that could easily be sustained long beyond the Reboot was over. Even though I am technically done with the program, I have changed my food choices and have incorporated many of the recipes in my daily life. Since completing the 7+7 Reboot I have more energy, am able to regulate my eating differently and feel more in control over my diet.

    Liz V.

    Susan was awesome!!! in Regards to nutrition and wellness she makes it simple does not overcomplicate it. Willing to go above and beyond. She is a true professional and very passionate. She inspires you to achieve your goals."-

    Mike T.