Meet the Owner – Susan Reardon Galante

Susan Reardon Galante, Owner Of So Flo Well Body

Susan Reardon Galante has over 25 years of Personal Fitness Training, Holistic Nutrition & Health Coaching, Yoga, Facilitated Stretch and Group Exercise & Cycling experience. She is also a multi-sport athlete and the Nutrition Coach for Fort Lauderdale Triathletes.

After 2 decades in the industry, Susan sold her Personal Training & Wellness Spa Saldare Body Therapy, in her hometown of Boston, MA. She expanded her practice to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to live in a sunnier climate. However, she is still serving the Boston community virtually.

Susan's Bio:
Susan Reardon Galante is the previous owner of Saldare Body Therapy and has over 25 years of Personal Fitness & Functional Training, Holistic Health & Nutrition Coaching and Specialized Corrective Exercise experience.

She has clients all over the globe and been a recognized international Virtual Fitness Trainer and Health & Nutrition Coach since 2013.

Susan is an experienced, proven, esteemed and accomplished Fitness Trainer, Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach, Wellness Expert, Functional/ Restorative/Corrective/Postural & Prenatal and Postpartum Specialized Trainer, Myofascial & Stretch Bodywork Specialist, Yoga Instructor and Author of The 7+7 REBOOT, A Whole Food Detox. She is also the Official Nutrition Coach for the Fort Lauderdale Triathletes as well as an athlete. She also runs several group yoga and corporate exercise and wellness classes throughout the city and state.

Additionally, Susan teaches Group Exercise classes and is a 200 RYT Yoga Instructor, Spinning Certified Cycling Instructor, a Mat Pilates Certified Instructor and an AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor teaching various formats.

 “I want my clients to understand their individualized exercise and nutritional in order to sustain weight loss. Sustainability is the key.”

Susan Reardon Galante is a Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness expert and author of The 7+7 REBOOT, A Whole Food Detox.

Where to Find Susan

Tuesday & Thursday 9AM Yoga at The Hotel Maren, Fort Lauderdale Beach

Virtual & In-Person Socially Distanced Private Fitness Training and Nutrition Coaching

Founder, Susan Reardon Galante

Susan Reardon Galante, Meet the Owner – Susan Reardon Galante


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    Kind Words From Our Clients

    “Susan offers a realistic and flexible approach to health and wellness. In the years I've known and worked with her, the business has evolved to meet the changing demands and needs of busy work schedules and lifestyles we all feel challenged by. I cant say enough how much I enjoy working with and learning from Susan” – Liz T

    Liz T.

    “I started training with Susan a little over a month before my wedding, I was working out, taking classes and what I thought was eating healthy but was "stuck". The owner of my gym recommended Susan - she was everything I needed and more! She listened to my goals, explained to me what we could realistically accomplish and set up a plan that would help me walk down the aisle and not only look good but feel awesome. I trained with her twice a week up until my Wedding (only 10 times) and I ended up toning up significantly and feeling amazing. And everyone noticed, I have received so many compliments on how I look and it's because of Susan. I am far from athletic and now I thrive on going to the gym and pushing myself. I love it now, training with Susan has given me renewed confidence. I was never bored, she always provides variety and made it fun. I truly looked forward to our sessions. So much so that even after my Wedding I decided to continue to train with her and have made working out more of a lifestyle than a short term goal. She has also given me great nutrition advice which has helped me improve my eating habits (she has the best recipes). My post wedding workout has been retooled to attain long term results. It's now a mix of cardio, kickboxing, Plyometrics, Kettlebells and weights. I find her motivating and fun to work out with. I cannot wait to see what I can accomplish by the Holiday season. I highly recommend training with Susan!” – Regina T

    Regina T.

    “I have trained with Susan for a number of years. She is a great motivator and know how to push you to your limits, then take it to the next level. She is awesome!” - Christina C.

    Christina C.

    I did the 7+7 Reboot and am so glad I did. I spent the holidays gorging and drinking. It was EXACTLY what I needed to get back on track. Having Susan there for me to text and ask questions was awesome. Although I wish I had cooked more, I did love the smoothie recipes and the grocery lists were super helpful! If you are looking to loose a couple inches and restart your diet, this is a great option!” – Aly R.

    Aly R.

    "I started working out with Susan several weeks ago hoping to find someone that could help me with knee issues related to many years of long distance running. Susan is an excellent trainer who listens, understands the issues and adjusts the workouts accordingly. She is also a great resource for getting connected to other specialists, Eleni (massage therapist) in particular - her massages are incredible. I would recommend this studio to anyone looking for outstanding personal training and care." – Wanda E.

    Wanda E.

    Susan is absolutely fantastic for personal training and nutrition (I highly recommend her!!), but the awesome-ness of Saldare doesn't end there! Stop in and ask her, or other co-owner Jenn about any other of the health and wellness services offered there!" – Lindsey N.

    Lindsey N.

    "Susan is, hands-down, the best personal trainer I have ever worked with. Susan is very cognizant of keeping her clients engaged, and challenged. She keeps our workouts varied, and interesting, in that no workout is ever the same. Outside of our workouts, she has helped me with my nutrition and has shown me how to make better food choices. She continues to be a great fitness mentor for the improvement of my overall health. " – Sara B

    Sara B.

    Susan is always upbeat and fun to train with. She makes every session different. We don't do the same exercises or even the same routine from week-to-week, so it never gets boring or predictable. Since I started working out with Susan, I've become more in tune with my eating habits and have made big strides towards eating healthier. I've also seen significant gains in my strength and more defined muscles.” – Aimee C.

    Aimee C.

    “Susan is an amazing trainer that goes above and beyond to bring out the best in all of her students! I am so lucky to have worked with her!!!! She has an amazing eye, is kind, yet motivating and empathetic. She equips her students with the necessary drive, action plan and support to achieve our personal goals and keeps us accountable throughout! I hope to work with Susan for many years to come and highly recommend her as a trainer!” - Julie E.

    Julie E.

    Owner of Endurance Pilates

    “As a Heath Coach, Susan is amazing!!! She has taught me not only how to mindfully eat, but also what fuels my body best. Susan takes it beyond what is "right" or "wrong" to eat and looks at the entire picture of who you are and offers support, guidance and a little butt kicking to help you reach your goals.” – Krissy R.

    Krissy R.

    “Susan ROCKS! "I have had several trainers at different times in my life and Susan is by far the best. She constantly changes up the routines so it maintains my interest and my body doesn't get used to the same exercises. And, I love the feel of the work out space---it is like you are working out at home! And the downstairs Pilates room is a really peaceful place." – Anna P.

    Anna P.

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    Jordan Collins

    Graphic River

    Susan unravels your weaknesses and develops a program to improve your overall fitness. She listens to you, but most of all listens to your body and your goals. Highly recommend that you get in there to Saldare with Susan, I guarantee your butt will look better.

    Rob M

    The 7+7 Reboot Program was just what I needed to kick start a new way of eating and shaving off those last pounds since having my two kids. The two weeks was a process moving from a true detox in the first week into a more moderate way of eating that could easily be sustained long beyond the Reboot was over. Even though I am technically done with the program, I have changed my food choices and have incorporated many of the recipes in my daily life. Since completing the 7+7 Reboot I have more energy, am able to regulate my eating differently and feel more in control over my diet.

    Liz V.

    "Susan was awesome!!! in Regards to nutrition and wellness she makes it simple does not overcomplicate it. Willing to go above and beyond. She is a true professional and very passionate. She inspires you to achieve your goals."-

    Mike T.

    "Susan is amazing at what she does. While most trainers claim to tailor a work out to your needs, Susan actually does it. She takes the time to get to know your body and set appropriate and reasonable goals with you. She's a stickler for positioning and manages to get the most out of every rep. I've worked with trainers before, but Susan knows her stuff. While you're there, check out the beauty and wellness services downstairs. It's a one-stop-shop for the best things you can do for your body."

    Jamie Z.