Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy At So Flo Well Body is Creating Personalized Personal Training Programs for YOUR Specific Needs and Goals!

On this incredible journey to bettering the fitness, health and lives of others, we’ve learned that our lifestyle truly has a ripple effect on our self-care, especially consistent exercise.

In our So Flo Well Body philosophy, we take an individualized approach to both personal training and nutrition/health coaching by incorporating various modalities and approaches helps us discover what works best for YOU being YOU. There is no one-size fits all when it comes to optimal health and that is where our society becomes a bit confused with all of the fad fitness trends and alleged “quick fix” diets.

The foods choices we make and the activity level that we incorporate into our busy schedules are only components of what we need to get us to a point of optimal health. Together, we can get the root of what may be lacking in your life and create a process to make a lifelong and SUSTAINABLE changes!